Like all TheraTraQ technology platforms, CellTraQ is customizable to your personal data analysis needs and has the unmatchable benefit of being supported by SAI subject matter experts.

Interactive analytics and monitoring guide quick analysis and strategic decision-making. Your customized dashboard will highlight key trends that are rapidly analyzed and presented in an easily digestible format so that you can make more informed and expedited decisions.

CellTraQ: Quickly visualize and analyze Cell Therapy Landscape trends with Power BI driven analytics in a focused database curated by the SAI Cell Therapy experts

Comprehensive Oncology Cell Therapy Landscape

Inclusion of the global cell therapy landscape, including technologies, platforms, and assets, to evaluate and assess the clinical and commercial strategy development of key players in the space

Clinical Trial and Regulatory Benchmarks

Detailed analysis of relevant clinical trial and regulatory benchmarks inform preclinical, clinical, and regulatory timelines to inform forecasts and predict shifts in the treatment landscape

Global Commercial Snapshot and KOL Mapping

Mapping of global clinical trial sites and institutions that offer cell therapies commercially informs development of clinical trial strategies. Strategic support is also offered through analysis of KOL engagement and industry relationships

KOL Database: Rapid strategic insights driven by access to vetted KOLs in a platform curated by SAI’s Oncology Consulting Experts

Engage with Top Tier KOLs with Focused Expertise
Access to KOL to answer key questions to inform development, commercial, or treatment landscape strategy. SAI experts are available to support KOL selection and can facilitate interviews or conduct blinded interviews.

KOL Industry Affiliation Mapping

Mapping of KOL industry affiliations to drive advisory board construction, help select clinical trial sites, and inform KOL interactions and engagement strategy

Regional and Global KOL Geographical Mapping

Identify key partners to support development and clinical trial execution considering expertise, geography, ongoing trials, disclosures, and landscape

Virtual Advisory Boards

Provides feedback on data and changing treatment paradigms and can be performed at conferences for real-time reactions or outside of conferences

Spend less time searching for data and more time interpreting the knowledge and trends.

  • CellTraQ Dashboard

    Navigate through the comprehensive and intuitive CellTraQ database including company and asset profiles and interactive analytics to capture key development and commercial trends to inform your strategy
  • Database Search

    Search, sort, and filter through the oncology cell therapy landscape levaging Power BI driven analysis to understand key technological, regulatory, combination, logistical, clinical, and commercial trends and strategies
  • Asset Dashboard Search Options

    Cell Therapy Consulting experts at SAI MedPartners, as a part of your CellTraQ subscription, can help you answer key questions from search results through secondary research and primary research leveraging cell therapy KOLs from our vetted KOL Database