Navigate the increasingly complex global therapeutic landscape to support your critical strategic decision-making from early clinical development through late-stage LCM with a customizable and comprehensive knowledge management platform.

Shape a dashboard with interactive analytics that allow you to get beyond the barriers to insightful decision making and the bottlenecks of accessing disparate data. Escape the time traps of searching, gathering and organizing data and get straight to interpreting the knowledge and trends. Through the insights and analysis of those at the forefront, see the direction forward.

Key Features:
  • Baseline Competitive Landscape Monitoring
  • Optional Primary CI Research and Consulting
  • Embedded Core Interactive Analytics
  • Continuous Around-the-Clock Monitoring
  • Customizable Analytics Tools
  • Customized Development and Regulatory Timelines
  • Conference Coverage and Planning Support
  • Product and Company Profiles
  • Personalized Dashboard and Portal Structure
  • Investor Presentations and Earnings Call Coverage

IntelliTraQ platform provides best-in-class
secondary monitoring and competitive
intelligence content management services

Opportunities for considerable synergies with SAI primary CI and consulting drive cost-savings

20-40% savings achievable when paired with primary competitive intelligence monitoring programs.

Embedded suite of interactive analytics drive efficiency and streamline output generation

Useful, accessible and real-time analytics across key clinical and commercial insight deliverables.

Best-in-class managed CI project portal delivery platform

Allows seamless integration of CI deliverables with other client data and insights; easy stakeholder access to automatically updated intelligence.

Access to SAI global consulting support and our proprietary KOL database

Enables primary CI support or KOL interviews to answer critical questions triggered by secondary monitoring.

Create efficiencies in knowledge management by integrating your project deliverables and other data in one place

IntelliTraQ integrates with CI deliverables and other client data, allowing for easy access across multiple teams and stakeholders while saving time that may be spent on more critical tasks.

Watch our short video highlighting the features and benefits of this comprehensive knowledge management platform.

The IntelliTraQ secondary monitoring
program can be customized based on your
desired level of additional support.

  • Competitive Intelligence Dashboard

    A fully customizable, mobile and tablet friendly portal with real time updates to all secondary based CI content as well as a comprehensive library of all primary CI reports and conference materials
  • Competitor & Product Profiles

    Detailed 1-2 slide summaries of the key competitor and product dynamics located on easy access tiles in both PPT and PDF format
  • News Tracker & Clinical Trials Tracker

    Granular tracking list of all news events and alerts, clinical trial details with fully customizable information management
  • Tiered Business Analytics

    Custom built Power BI analytics that are interactive and can be designed to each clients template for export into PowerPoint / PDF
    • Key Events Timeline

      Representation of key events timeline with the ability to apply multiple filters such as event type, region, MoA etc as well as a flexible timeline scroll
    • Pipeline Status

      In depth view of the development state of all competitors with filters such as Phase, Region, MoA etc.
    • Salesforce Summary

      Graphical representation of competitor field force org charts including sortable filters for each level and over FTE calculations
    • Global Launch Forecasts

      Global map based summary of expected launch timelines for each region / country with multi tabbed option for different competitors