A subscription-based database that provides clients with an in-depth view into manufacturing capabilities of generics firms, biosimilars developers and contract manufacturers

Key Features:

  • Exhaustive list of manufacturers with over 2,000 firms profiled and additional firms added weekly
  • Global coverage including emerging markets (China, India, Latin America, Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific markets)
  • Mobile / Tablet friendly access with a simple log in
  • SAI Primary CI Research support for in-depth analysis

Critical Decision Support:

  • Identify potential generic and biosimilar threats based on production capabilities
  • Evaluate likely CMO/CDMO partners for manufacturing needs
  • Track potential product supply shortages by identifying facilities with operational issues, regulatory inspection warnings, etc.
  • Identify API sources for supply redundancies and improving manufacturing efficiencies

Aggregate data categorized into two distinct modules:

  • Company profiles and analyses on product capabilities, locations, etc.
  • Global facility maps
  • Granular facility / unit level capabilities on product types, etc.
  • Regulatory inspection and capacity information
  • Includes API suppliers and CMO / CDMO
  • Granular insights into biologics (mAbs, proteins, etc.) manufacturing capabilities
  • Global facilities mapping including manufacturing process type
  • Includes Biologics CMO / CDMOs
  • Facility-level details / analysis (reactor types, etc.)

SupplyTraQ puts aggregate secondary data of company profiles and manufacturing facilities at your fingertips to cut time and cost

SupplyTraQ provides a wide range of secondary data across pharmaceutical companies and manufacturing sites to facilitate supply chain analysis. Take a look at our highlight video to see how this database can support your decision-making.

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SupplyTraQ is the most comprehensive manufacturing and supply chain database for the life sciences industry

  • Dashboard

    Home view of all key reports and modules that can be customized to each user to include favorite companies, products and regions
  • Company Profiles

    Granular company pages with summarized information on all facility locations, product capabilities etc.
  • Facility Profiles

    Dedicated page for each facility that includes information on manufacturing capacity, regulatory overview and product capabilities
  • Regional Highlights

    Regional view of all products, facilities and companies with operational involvement in the selected region
  • Product Capabilities

    Product-based search function to sort and identify product types