Engage with Top Tier KOLs with Focused Expertise

Access to over 1,500 KOLs to answer key questions to inform development, commercial, or treatment landscape strategy. SAI Experts are available to support KOL selection and can facilitate interviews or conduct blinded interviews.

KOL Industry Affiliation Mapping

Mapping of KOL industry affiliations to drive advisory board construction, help select clinical trial sites, and inform KOL interactions and engagement strategy

Regional and Global KOL Geographical Mapping

Identify key partners to support development and clinical trial execution considering expertise, geography, ongoing trials, disclosures, and landscape

Virtual KOL Panels

Provides feedback on data and changing treatment paradigms and can be performed at conferences for real-time reactions or outside of conferences

SAI’s Rare Disease global KOL database allows for precision targeting of highly validated, top-tier specialists, and includes a variety of factors to help sort and filter results.

  • Institution Type (Government, Academic, Community, Industry)
  • Role / Function
  • Celebrity Status
    • Rising Star
    • Super Star
  • Company Affiliations and Type of Relationship
  •   Publications
  •   Geography
  •   Area of Expertise
    • Rare Disease Specific
    • Biomarkers
    • Pathology/ Histology
    • Technology Type
    • Clinical Trials (P1 vs P2 vs P3)

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