Our multifaceted social media intelligence helps inform strategic asset and portfolio decision-making by providing an advanced and critical understanding of the subtle dynamics of the highly competitive healthcare market.

Finding usable, high confidence signals based on social profile identities is much more challenging than most realize. Web crawling technologies can quickly become obsolete because of constantly evolving restrictions preventing automated entry to social media sites from the “back-end.” PulseTraQ provides the highest value social media intelligence attributed to our unique ability to rely on human intelligence analytics versus fully automated technologies.

Leverage the power and depth of social media to target your strategic needs, whether it’s competitive, covering gaps in your targeting or treatment, or gaining access to influencers.
Patient Centricity
  • Mitigate patient unmet needs
  • Patient journey
  • Better targeting based on patient sentiment
Digital Presence
  • Competitive landscapes
  • Competitor brand performance
  • Therapy area landscapes
Brand Perception
  • Understand consumer responses and track drivers/ barriers to brand adoption
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Competitor brand performance
Conference Monitoring
  • Track most discussed themes, brands, molecules, companies, events, clinical trials/data and influential authors
Physician targeting
  • Identification, ranking and profiling of digital KOLs
  • Target those “hard to see” prescribers and influencers
Campaign Monitoring
  • Identification of information gaps, sentiments, and responses
Throughout the entire lifecycle, social media intelligence can provide real-world patient insights for informed decision-making.
Let us show you the depth of social media intelligence and what it can do for you.

PulseTraQ is Powered by Human Intelligence

  • Physician Targeting

    PulseTraQ connects the dots between current prescribers and key "hard to see" physicians via Social Media Intelligence
  • Impact Assessment

    Social media analytics can support commercial marketing, salesforce, and messaging strategies
  • Landscape Assessment

    Portfolio Strategy decision making can be supported with in-depth social media analysis of the competitive landscape

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