PulseTraQ uses multifaceted social media
monitoring to guide product commercialization strategy and competitor tactics.

Social media monitoring at TheraTraQ helps answer critical questions to better inform product marketing and commercialization, as well as strategic asset and portfolio decision-making by providing an advanced and critical understanding of the subtle dynamics of a competitive healthcare market

Types of Social Media Monitoring Engagements

An understanding of leading competitors, their key features, messaging, philanthropic associations and sustainability efforts can inform strategic decisions on how to compete in an increasingly complex healthcare market.

Identification of key scientists and clinicians, their industry affiliations and partnerships, opinions, product preference, and patient engagement patterns, as well as mapping influencer networks for key physicians can drive clinical trial strategy and marketing.

Nuanced evaluation of company engagement with patients and patient advocacy groups can inform a disease area strategy, and potential approaches to gain market share, customize messaging and product development.

Positive and negative perceptions about a company or its product can provide insights to guide strategic clinical and commercial development decisions and deployment.

A systematic and customized process for social media monitoring

Client Alignment

Key Topics and Questions

Social Media Monitoring

Qualitative and unique value of each of the popular social media portals

TheraTraQ can leverage the unique features of popular social media portals to support client decision-making



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