OncoTraQ offers a broad array of secondary support to keep our clients on the cutting edge of the changing development and commercial landscape across oncology.

Interactive analytics and monitoring drive quick analysis and strategic decision-making based on a customized dashboard with key trends rapidly analyzed and presented in a easily digestible format.

OncoTraQ provides living databases to facilitate understanding of key trends across the complex oncology landscape including immuno-oncology and gene therapy.

Key Features


Around-the-Clock Secondary Monitoring

with tailored news summaries and trend reports


Customized Dashboard

with interactive analytics

Comprehensive Databases

designed to answer your key questions

Oncology KOL Database

to connect you with valuable insights

PulseTraQ Oncology Monitoring

to keep you in tune with the latest Social Media buzz

Module 1: Secondary News and Alerts

OncoTraQ around-the-clock comprehensive secondary monitoring ensures that you get the most relevant news as it happens to support the evolution of your strategy

Module 2: Competitor Profiles

Key summaries of competitor assets and companies to de-risk business development opportunities and answer key questions to inform decision-making 

Module 3: Conference Planning and Coverage

OncoTraQ offers complete conference support to help you prepare, cover, and digest the latest oncology data, development and commercial trends, and treatment paradigms

Module 1: Secondary News and Alerts


Around-the-Clock Monitoring

OncoTraQ’s global footprint enables us to monitor ‘around the clock’ for key updates and changes in the landscape


Customized News Summaries

Eliminate ‘data dumps’ by tailoring your secondary news flow based on your needs


Executive Summary

Key news summarized for senior management based on your priorities in a customized format


Available SAI MedPartners Oncology Expert Support

Our Team of Oncology Experts is available to provide tailored insights, implications, and analysis for your team

Module 2: Competitor Profiles (Product and Company)


Summary of key oncology portfolio initiatives and investments


Focus on profiles of priority tumor types


Trend analysis for combination approaches and strategies


Summary of company platform technology investments


Deal Tracker: Tracking oncology Mergers, Acquisitions, and Licensing deals

Module 3: Conference Planning and Coverage

OncoTraQ will build conference planners in a customized format to support you and your team in conference planning
Planners can be customized based on tumor type, MOA, keywords, technology (e.g. bispecifics, oncolytic, CAR-T), or by broad therapeutic class (e.g. Immunotherapy, Cell therapy)

Satellite industry-sponsored symposia can also be included in planners if desired


Conference timelines will also be provided to help you and your team plan for success (including: abstract submission deadlines, abstract title release date, abstract release date, late-breaking abstracts, and conference dates)


Our SAI team is available to cover conferences. This can include pictures of all relevant oral and poster presentations, satellite symposia, and promotional materials and key messaging, summaries of key data presentations and trends, conference trends including share of voice assessment as well as optional catered strategic support.

Interactive Competitor Trial and Launch Timelines


Sortable by asset, phase, sponsor, pivotal, patient segment/indication


OncoTraQ Catalysts

Easily navigable timelines with links to key resources for each competitor trial:

  • Trial design: Endpoints, enrollment target, timing
  • Summary of current global knowledge of the trial
  • Key assumptions driving timelines
  • Direct links to summaries of intelligence gathered by your field teams or by SAI MedPartners

Interactive Competitor Pipeline Summary:

Understand development across the landscape and within a specific MOA and patient segment

Sortable by company, MOA, early/late stage, most advanced phase of development


OncoTraQ Catalysts

Customizable list of key market catalysts based on your priorities:

  • Updated Guidelines (e.g. NCCN)
  • Date releases
  • Updated competitor label
  • Loss of Exclusivity and Biosimilar/Generic entry

Conference Monitoring

Track physician impressions, company messaging, announcements, and key landscape updates across oncology with PulseTraQ Social Media Monitoring

Oncology Social Media Monitoring


Key Questions:

What is trending right now?
What is the most exciting data at ASCO?

Is the community skeptical about the new technology?

How is pricing of certain agents being discussed?

What are Key Opinion Leaders thinking about the newest data?

How are companies messaging their assets?
Are there any updates to the landscape that have been announced on social media platforms (e.g. trial readouts, enrollment updates, toxicity issues, discontinuations, etc)?

Track the Evolution of Each of These Complex Oncology Landscapes in Real-Time

Cell and Gene Therapy Landscape


Searchable and sortable by:

Vectors, Construct, Targets, Cell subset, ROA, Company, most advanced phase of development


Product and Company Profiles

  • Key oncology portfolio initiatives and investments
  • Priority tumors
  • Combination approaches
  • Platform investments
  • Partnerships and collaborations

Checkpoint Inhibitor Landscape

(Monotherapy and Combination)

Current indications, development strategies, combinations, commercial strategies, and biomarkers for PD-1/L1 and CTLA-4 agents globally
Including resources and links summarizing the current state of patient selection and biomarker development across the landscape

Next-Generation Immunotherapy Landscape


Including resources and links

summarizing the current state of patient selection and biomarker development across the landscape


Includes each of the below categories:

T-cell Antagonist

Examples: LAG-3, TIM-3, TIGIT

T-cell Agonist

Examples: GITR, 4-1BB, OX-40

Adoptive Cell Therapy

Examples: CAR-T, TILs, NK cells

NK/Myeloid Cell Targeting

Examples: CD47, SIRPα, NKG2A


Examples: T-VEC, AXAL, Cavatak

Bispecific/Modified Antibodies

Examples: ZW-25, Blincyto, Anti-FAP/IL-2


Examples: NKTR-214, pegilodecakin

Microenvironment Targeted Agents

Examples: PI3Kγ, VEGF, IDO, STING


Examples: NY-ESO, Neoantigen vaccine

KOL Database with Validated Top-Tier Oncologists

Identified through a comprehensive search of the leading conferences, journals, guidelines, and educational programs

Searchable and Sortable by the Following Features:


Tumor type


Celebrity status: Celebrity, Superstar, or Rising Star

Identify ‘Rising Stars’ before they have been identified by your competitors



Disclosures/Conflicts of interest

Track KOL conflicts of interest disclosures to guide your company in choosing the right KOL partners

Our sister company, SAI MedPartners, can also provide support through blinded KOL interviews and double-blind real-time virtual advisory boards at conferences

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